Abrasive belt conversion

We produce sanding belts of any size at our factory in Mārupe region, where we provide full cycle production. The developed technology and years of experience provide more than 1 million manufactured sanding belts in various industries every year. A large range of raw materials ensures fast delivery anywhere in Latvia and Europe, within 3 working days. We adapt sanding belts for hand tools, as well as stationary grinding machines and calibration equipment. Our professional team will always find the optimal material for your needs and the materials to be sanded, from stainless steel, hard metals to wood and plastics.

Abrasive disc conversion

We are proud of our CNC production equipment. They supply the wood and metalworking industries, as well as car workshops and other workshops, with the discs produced. At present, we are making more than 1 million discs every year from more than 15 different raw materials. The ADK team is constantly working on new solutions to improve processes such as surface grinding, matting, pre-painting and mirror polishing with the right choice of discs. Different sizes and types - on velor base, with Roloc ™ mount or other - we are able to! Challenge us and tell us about your production - we will find a solution!


Finishing cylinders and rollers are a great solution for surface treatment in a wide variety of industries. Yes, we also produce these products in our factory in Latvia. This is our latest field of activity in which we have proven ourselves as a professional manufacturer. During production, we have full control over the quality of the product, so we can adapt the product to the needs of each customer, knowing the pressure applied, the material to be sanded, and the equipment or tools at your disposal. We will be happy to show the effectiveness of our products and their many applications. ADK is constantly exploring and evolving to continue to deliver the best solution for you.

Double sides tapes

With the development of our production and 3M ™ innovative solutions, we produce adhesive tapes of any size. We supply the world's well-known VHB technology double-sided adhesive tapes to construction companies, garages, furniture manufacturers, and many other companies in any size required. Different solutions in the masking and specialized adhesive tape segment allow us to offer the most modern solutions in every production and, most importantly, to adjust the adhesive tape to the required size. Thanks to the highest quality equipment, we ensure high accuracy and do it within a few days.