3m elektriska electric lenka angle slipamsina grinder 125mm  14723 14291

3M™ Electric Angle Grinder

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Abrasive size:⌀ 125 mm
Speed variability:Variable

3M™ Electric Angle Grinder is designed for use with 3M abrasives and accessories to create a comprehensive system to achieve a more professional finish in less processing time. Our electric angle grinder has a powerful 1900 watt motor and an ergonomic handle to reduce vibration and enhance operator comfort.

Powerful performance that’s easy to handle The 3M™ Electric Angle Grinder features a powerful 1900-watt motor in a lightweight and easy-to-handle tool. The ergonomic design includes a low-vibration handle to improve operator comfort, and a speed control feature allows the operator to select the speed that suits the application. It is built with robust components for durability in harsh industrial conditions and designed to produce high torque and high rotational speed – vital for delivering the potential cut rate and life of abrasive discs. When combined with 3M abrasives and accessories the 3M™ Electric Angle Grinder provides a comprehensive system designed to enhance productivity and produce results in shorter processing times. A complete kit to maximize performance In some regions the 3M™ Electric Angle Grinder Kit is also available. These 3M abrasives and tools are designed to be used together as a complete system to maximize heavy grinding performance. Each component of this system has been engineered to optimize life, cut-rate, finish consistency and operator comfort compared to depressed center grinding wheels in the right applications. The system improves productivity, lowers overall costs and minimizes noise, dust and vibration. Where available, the kit includes: • 3M™ Electric Angle Grinder (1 piece) • 3M™ Cubitron™ II Fibre Disc 982CX Pro (25 pieces) – re-engineered 3M Precision-Shaped Grain cuts 33% faster than 3M™ Cubitron™ II Fibre Discs 982C and significantly faster than depressed center grinding wheels, helping boost productivity in your operation • 3M™ Red Ribbed Fibre Disc Back-up Pad (1 piece) – rigid construction of the ribbed back-up pad maintains maximum pressure between disc and workpiece so the Precision-Shaped Grains fracture and maintain sharp cutting points throughout the life of the disc